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TorkCraft - 12 MM Plug Cutter

Diameter: ø 12mm

Carded Pack: Qty 1


There is a variety of different plug cutters in the range, depending on the diameter hole that needs to be plugged.
The plug cutter is measured on the inside diameter. Always make sure that the hole is drilled to correspond to the correct plug cutter.

Bit produces accurate plugs from any type of wood.
Precision-ground cutters for precise fitting.
1/4' Shank size fits most standard chucks.
Use to cut straight/parallel plugs.
Chamfered blade tips for easy start.

Benefits of using plug cutters:

Conceal screw heads
Using the same wood to cut plugs provides a perfect colour match.
Wood grains can be alligned for a professional finish
Offcut wood can be used effectively

TIP: Keep the grain of the plug in line with the workpiece for a professional finish.

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select
the right tool for the job.