BLACK & DECKER 7.2V Cordless Dustbuster Hand Vacuum With Accessories

BLACK & DECKER 7.2V Cordless Dustbuster Hand Vacuum With Accessories

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The BLACK+DECKER cordless Dustbuster® hand vacuum is just what you need for those quick pick-ups, always ready to use when you need it. The lightweight compact design, helps you clean even the most awkward places in no time. Easily charge the device with the useful indicator light. With 9.5mins runtime, vacuum those unexpected messes. The integrated pull out crevice means you don't need to worry about losing additional accessories, simply pull out the crevice to reach into tight spaces or up high. Comes with a push in brush ready for those embedded messes. Life is for living, not cleaning.

This Dustbuster is able to pick up small and large debris, keeping your home clean. With a runtime of 9.5mins this quick and easy to use Dustbuster® is perfect for those unexpected messes.

The useful battery indicator tells you when the battery is on charge. When the red light turns off, the Dustbuster is fully charged and ready to go. Charge on a wall mount or base to keep your spaces neat and tidy.

Never worry about losing accessories with the onboard crevice. Pull the crevice out, to reach into those tight or high up areas such as in-between your banisters.

This Dustbuster is even easier to empty the 385ml dustbowl with the one touch button to release the bowl. Simply press the button to empty the debris in the dustbowl. To clean the filter pull it out and wash under a tap to keep your vacuum performing well.

Voltage: 7.2V
Battery: 1.5Ah
Watt hours: 10.8Wh
Battery Indicator: Yes
Charge time: 10 hours
Run time: 9.5 mins
Dustbowl: 385ml
Accessories: Integrated Crevice & Push in brush

What's in the box
1 x NVC215 with integrated crevice tool
1 x Push in brush
1 x Wall mount/Base with indicator light

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