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TorkCraft - 39 Piece Carbon Steel Tap and Die Set

Product Overview

The Tap wrench is a hand tool used to turn taps or other small tools, such as hand reamers and screw extractors. The smallest size which accommodates the tool head is recommended because it reduces the risk of breakage from excessive force

Taps are used for cutting internal threads, TorkCraft taps are rust & tarnish resistant,  cuts cleaner more accurate threads, has four flutes for extra chip clearance

Dies are used for cutting external threads, versatile, hexagon shape for use with die stock or an ordinary adjustable wrench


  • 16 x Taps (M3 - M12)
  • 16 x Dies (M3 - M12)
  • 1 x BSP Tap
  • 1 x BSP Die
  • 1 x T-Tap Wrench
  • 1 x Tap Wrench (M3 - M12)
  • 1 x Die Wrench (25 x 9)
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Screw Pitch Gauge

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select the right tool for the job.