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Liquid Shine HIGH CUT

Removes marks and scratches

The professional polishing compound has a high cutting performance and easily removes P1500 sanding marks. The compound is free of silicone, wax or glaze and makes use of no filler (removes problems rather than hide them).

The compound is waterbased and designed for all types of paints. It has High Gloss (91 gloss units). Use with yellow foam for severe paint correction or orange/white foam for compounding.

Work at low speed - up to 1800 rpm to have no splattering and to have less risk of burning the paint.

No water needed, but can be used with it. Can be used on fresh or fully cured paints. Free of Silica for better Health and safety. Suitable for foam and wool pads. Doesn't mark plastics. Biodegradable.

For a perfect finish and high shine, repeat the process with FINE CUT and ZERO SWIRL

To be used on a clean and properly cured surface, avoiding hot surfaces and direct sunlight.

Apply a small quantity of HIGH CUT onto the foam pad, place the foam onto the surface to be rectified and start the machine, moving the polisher in a circular motion. Clean the surface with our soft polishing cloth FLEX 40535 once the operation is finished.