DeWalt- 701W 1.3cm Percussion Drill - Yellow

DeWalt- 701W 1.3cm Percussion Drill - Yellow

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Dewalt - 710W 1.3cm Percussion Drill - Yellow

Make your drilling tasks more convenient with this Dewalt Impact Driver. Ergonomically designed to help you drill neat holes without much struggle, this tool has exceptional power-to-size ratio that offers great power to help you drill even on hard concrete and masonry. The lightweight nature of this tool makes it easy to use and reduces fatigue of arms and hands. It is also convenient for use while drilling overhead and in confined spaces as it has a compact design. The rubber back handle of this tool reduces the impact of vibrations and shocks to help you drill comfortably. The trigger sensitive variable speed of this tool lets you drill according to the speed that is suitable for the workpiece or the application. Start slow and smooth to achieve the accuracy and gradually increase the speed as you Progress with the help of the variable speed trigger. When you are drilling continuously, you can use the lock-on feature that keeps the machine running so that you can shift from one drilling point to another without delay.

- Low weight ensures the drill is easy to use and it reduces user fatigue
- Compact design enables comfortable use and allows access to tight spaces
- An excellent power to size ratio results in a powerful, durable drill in a compact size
- Trigger sensitive variable speed switch allows a user to drill slowly for precision accuracy when starting to drill a hole

- Dimensions: 42 x 31 x 30cm
- Weight: 6kg
- Colour: Yellow & Black
- Material: Polypropylene
- Wattage: 710W
- Warranty: 36 Months

What's in the box
x 1 Dewalt 701W 13mm Percussion Drill
x 1 Chuck key
x 1 Multi-position side handle
x 1 Depth stop

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