BLACK & DECKER - 18V 2.0Ah Cordless Dustbuster Hand Vacuum with Smart Tech

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The 18V Lithium-ion Cordless Dustbuster® is perfect for those unexpected messes. For the larger heavier debris, simply select the high speed to have more power for a spotless clean. The useful smart tech LED panel tells you when you need to clean the filter and when the battery is low, with up to 21mins runtime at low speed, allowing you to get the job done. Reach up high or into tight spaces such as in-between your banister with the convenient integrated crevice. Pull the crevice out and vacuum in those tight spaces. Emptying the Dustbuster has never been more easier, with a one touch empty. The 700ml dustbowl can be emptied by one push of a button and remove the filters without touching the dirt. Easy to clean the filters to keep your vacuum at top performance. Life is for living, not cleaning.

This Dustbuster is able to pick up small and large debris, keeping your home clean. Choose from a high or low speed by a switch of the button to select the speed you need to clean up the mess.

The useful battery sensor gives you an indication when the Dustbuster is running out of charge, ensuring you have enough power every time. The filter sensor indicates when the filter needs to be clean ensuring the unit will be performing at its best.

Never worry about losing accessories with the onboard crevice. Pull the crevice out, to reach into those tight or high up areas such as in-between your banisters.

This Dustbuster is even easier to empty the 700ml dustbowl with the one touch button. Simply click the button to empty the debris in the dustbowl. To clean the filter pull it out and wash under a tap without touching any dust.

Voltage: 18V
Battery: 2.0Ah
Watt hours: 36Wh
Battery Sensor: Yes
Filter Sensor: Yes
Charge time: 5 hours
Run time: 12mins High speed / 21mins Low Speed
Dustbowl: 700ml
Accessories: Onboard crevice

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