BLACK & DECKER - 530W Blower Vac - Single Speed

BLACK & DECKER - 530W Blower Vac - Single Speed

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The BLACK+DECKER single speed blower is compact and lightweight and is ideal for any DIY tasks around the home and garden. Thanks to its compact size and specially designed nozzle it is ideal for use in confined spaces that are hard to reach with larger size blowers.

Powered with a 530W durable motor, the product demonstrates a consistent airflow of 3.5m3/min. It also features blowing and a suction option with a dust bag for easy collection and removal of the dust.

Features + Benefits
- Compact and lightweight - ideal for use in those hard to reach confined areas
- Robust and durable motor for all DIY purposes
- Consistent single speed air flow feature for all the tasks at hand
- Blowing and suction capability. Dust bag for collecting dust for accumulated from suction capability
- Comes with a lock on switch and easy to hold handle which makes it convenient for long usages
- Specially designed rubber nozzle to direct air flow exactly where required

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